Traprock Landscaping

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Our In-House Landscaping Division

The partnership and acquisition of Traprock Landscaping means that we can grow to meet our real estate investor clients’ needs while maintaining cost control, high standards of quality, and providing exceptional customer service.

Traprock will not only service Stonelink-managed properties but will continue servicing third-party residential and commercial clients throughout Rhode Island and SE Mass.

What are the benefits of having a landscaping service? 

Better Service. Lower Cost

The level of service that our clients receive is enhanced and we are able to control costs by having a landscaping team on board. 

When our team is out performing weekly grass cutting, we encourage them to spot any landscaping concerns and report them back to the property manager. This ensures that any potential issues with trees or overgrown bushes are dealt with quickly and efficiently, and do not turn into a more costly and bigger issue. 

Your property manager will always discuss any work that needs to be undertaken with you before going ahead with any work. 

traprock landscaping maintaining rental property

What services are included with landscaping?

rental property landscaping

Grass Cutting

landscaping property management

Spring/Fall Clean Up

stonelink maintenance icon wall

Mulch & Stone Installation

property manager landscaping

Bush Trimming

rental property maintenance

Fence Installation

maintaining rental property landscaping

Drainage & Sprinkler System

Our commitment to controlling costs

We understand that property owners are always looking for ways to save money. Having a landscaping business is part of our vertical integration process to continue controlling costs.

By partnering with an existing landscaping business, we can offer competitive rates for our services. In addition, our team is always looking for ways to save money for our clients, such as by using preventive care to avoid larger issues down the road. 

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