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Providence is the largest community in Rhode Island. Its diverse population and neighborhoods make Providence, RI a great area to invest in rental properties. 68% of the population are renters and over 60% of the real estate is made of small apartments and multifamily buildings.

Are you a rental property owner in Providence? Are you in need of a professional property manager to help manage your rental business? If you are, you’ve come to the right place! We have what you need, right here at Stonelink Property Management!

Stonelink Property Management is dedicated to helping rental property owners and real estate investors like you succeed. Through our years of experience in the property management industry, we have established the best practices to ensure that the clients’ whose properties we manage earn maximum returns.

Our property management business model was developed with an investor’s mindset and your profitability is our top priority. When you work with us, we ensure that every aspect of your rental property is well taken care of, so that you can get the full benefits of investing in rentals with none of the stress. 

You will have access to a dedicated team of skilled property managers who will handle all your property management Providence RI needs efficiently and effectively.

From making sure that your rental properties are always rent-ready to listing your vacancies on various marketing platforms and finding the right residents, you can rest assured that Stonelink Property Management will assist every step of the way. 

Our Property Management Services

Stonelink Property Management is a full-service company that provides various property management solutions customized to the different needs of each of the property owners that we serve. 

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We know that each rental property is unique and may need different levels of attention. We want to ensure our services are tailored-fit to meet the needs of your rental properties and help you achieve your financial goals.

When you work with Stonelink Property Management, you will get access to our property management solutions, including the following:

Marketing Your Rental Property

Professional marketing techniques are important if you want to stay ahead of other rental properties in the area. Since the rental industry is quite tough, you need to ensure that your every move is based on data-backed research and thorough analysis of the rental market. 

However, doing your own real estate research and analysis can take up a lot of your time, not to mention that it can be prone to error, especially without access to the right resources or market insights.

Fortunately, when you work with Stonelink Property Management, we will perform the necessary market research on your behalf to ensure that our marketing strategies will be more effective. 

We will maximize your property’s exposure to attract a wider pool of residents looking for properties to rent. With our tested and proven marketing methods, we ensure that your vacancies will be filled in no time. 

Tenant Screening Process

While we want to get your property occupied as soon as possible, we don’t want to settle on renting to just anyone without performing proper screening. We know that dealing with difficult residents can cause a lot of headaches, and we want to spare you from this kind of trouble. 

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This is why we perform various background checks on every applicant to be sure that we rent to qualified tenants. 

Aside from checking each applicant’s financial status and employment, we also verify their credit background, criminal records, and rental history. We check several resources to make sure that the residents we place into your rental home will not cause any trouble with you, with their neighbors, or with the authorities.

Rent Collection Services

As real estate investors know, you need to receive your rent on time to ensure that you’ll have sufficient cash flow to cover your operating costs. However, rent collection can be a time-consuming and tiring process. 

When you work with the team at Stonelink Property Management, you don’t need to manually collect rent from your renters anymore. We have a dedicated rent collection team who will send invoices monthly, collect payments from residents, and send your rental income directly to your account. 

In rare cases of late payments, we will send out reminders and take care of any legal action as needed. With our relationship management and conflict resolution skills, however, it’s extremely rare for us to need to take any legal action. 

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Property Maintenance and Repair

We know that owning rental properties means staying on top of upkeep and maintenance. As an investment property owner, it is your duty to provide a habitable living space to your renters. However, doing a property inspection and handling maintenance requests yourself can cost a lot of your time and energy. 

Sometimes, you even have to answer late-night calls if there are emergency maintenance issues that residents need to report urgently. At Stonelink Property Management, you don’t need to do any of these yourself. We will inspect your rental home on a regular basis, ensuring that every issue is addressed promptly before they become more serious. 

Additionally, we provide a 24/7 maintenance hotline so that residents can reach out to us at any time to report any emergency problems and repair requests. Our in-house team will handle all maintenance requests on a timely basis to maintain resident satisfaction. 

Detailed Financial Reporting

Staying updated on how your business is performing is crucial to your success. As a landlord, you need to keep track of financial reports and other important documents related to your rental property.

With Stonelink Property Management’s services, you can access your monthly statements through our online portal so you don’t have to organize your paperwork manually.

About Providence, Rhode Island

Providence, Rhode Island, is a city full of history, art, and culture. As Rhode Island’s capital, it offers a lot to its residents, and a lot of opportunities to real estate investors. It’s home to two of the country’s top universities, Brown University and the Rhode Island School of Design, and many students choose to stick around after graduation. 

In Providence, you can enjoy art at the RISD Museum or Waterplace Park. You can have seafood near the ocean or take a lovely stroll along the Moshassuck or Woonasquatucket River. There are also plenty of historical attractions to explore. 

Providence is one of the most enjoyable and populated cities in New England, making it a great place to invest in real estate.

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Areas We Serve

Stonelink Property Management serves many cities in Rhode Island and Southern Massachusetts, including Woonsocket, Warwick, North Attleboro, Seekonk, Newport, East Providence, Providence, Pawtucket, Kent County, Bristol County, and Fall River. Reach out today to find out firsthand what sets us apart from other property management companies.

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Quick Leasing

We fill units within 10 days on average with a 98% retention rate.

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Quality Residents

We find high-quality residents using a 10 point screening process.

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Dedicated Maintenance

We have a team of 20 maintenance technicians with a 24/7 on call rotation.

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Always Available

Communication is key. Our team is available to our residents and clients alike.

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Successful Clients

Our model allows clients to improve their ROI and grow their portfolio.

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Lasting Relationships

We build long lasting relationships with clients by earning their trust.

Our Model

Our model is proven, and our people are passionate about what they do.

Our Strategy

All our core services performed by our internal teams and entities. 

Our Guarantees 

9 Exclusive Owner-Client member benefits. etc…..

  1. You don’t have to care of the day-to-day tasks associated with managing your rental property, so you can focus on other things like growing your portfolio 
  2. Access to all the knowledge and experience necessary to ensure that your property is well-maintained and profitable. 
  3. Find qualified tenants quickly and efficiently, so you can start earning rental income as soon as possible.

We have the experience and resources to manage all types of properties, from multifamily units, and single-family homes to large apartment complexes and commercial properties.

Our team provides excellent customer service, and we work hard to ensure that your property is well-maintained and managed efficiently. Our property management services include rent collection, lease enforcement, maintenance and repair, accounting, and legal services. 

Not all property managers are created equal. 

  • Our S.O.P Model has been proven to turn properties quickly, increase rental income, and decrease vacancy rates. 

  • Our vertical integration of services allows us to control cost for property owners

  • Our 24/7 in-house maintenance team ensures that your property is always well-maintained, and residents live in a safe environment

  • A combination of technology platforms and efficient communication systems increases transparency and allows for better collaboration between owners, residents, and our team. 

  • We build long-lasting relationships with our clients and provide them with the peace of mind that their property is being well taken care of. 

  1. Make sure you have a clear understanding of your goals and objectives for your rental property.  This will help us understand if Stonelink is a good fit as your property management company.
  2. Keep an open mind!  We may have some suggestions that you hadn’t considered before that could be very beneficial for your property.
  3. When you choose to hire us, it becomes a partnership. We are here to earn your trust and help you become a successful real estate investor. 

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