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Clogged toilets are a common issue that you can generally resolve using a plunger.


If your sink or shower drain has clogged, you may also be able to use a plunger to move anything stuck in these pipes. Most hardware stores also sell drain cleaning chemicals and tools to remove small blockages.

Most power outages are caused at the grid level, meaning you'll have access to electricity again once the utility provider has had a chance to resolve the issue.

It's always best to call the electrical company first to pinpoint your issue.

The hot water heater in your rental property ensures a steady supply for your home. If you lose access to hot water or don't have enough available, check the settings on your tank and verify that everything is accurate.

If your heating or air conditioning isn't working, use the thermostat in your home to try to troubleshoot the problem. Check that your settings are correct before you contact us.

For maintenance emergencies, please call us directly at 401-223-2838 and select Option 2

If these answers haven't resolved your issue, contact us now.

For maintenance, please call 401-223-2838 and select option 2

Dear resident, please provide the best contact number for our maintenance team to reach you when they need more information about your maintenance request.

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