How to Maintain Your Rental Property

How to Maintain Your Rental Property

When renting out a property you need to ensure that you’re providing tenants with a well-maintained unit. Landlord-tenant laws also protect the residents by requiring landlords to comply with safety codes. As time passes, the property will also be subjected to normal wear and tear. This is why landlords must properly maintain their rental properties.

Consistent rental upkeep earns landlords long-term residents, making their investment returns consistent. A well-maintained rental property also saves a lot of costs since potentially expensive repairs are prevented when issues are resolved early. Whether you’re a first-time, seasoned or long-distance landlord, if you want to learn how to properly maintain your rentals, keep on reading!

Property Maintenance Duties of a Landlord

Landlords are expected to fulfill the following tasks:

Provide Trash Receptacles on the Property

To promote a hygienic environment, you must ensure that the unit contains trash bins where residents can properly dispose of their garbage. Doing so keeps the rental space free from pest infestation and creates a healthy and safe surrounding for the occupants.

Before distributing trash containers around the unit, review the number of residents on your investment property and ensure it’s sufficient for the number of people staying in your rental. You also have to determine the schedule of the garbage collection to figure out if you should provide more trash bins or larger ones.

a small plastic garbage bag left in a doorway

Make Sure Running Water is Available

Many household tasks and personal necessities would be difficult without a reliable water supply. Your tenants won’t be able to clean, cook, or take a shower. This would turn your rental violating the Implied Warranty of Habitability. Landlords must, therefore, focus on providing a consistent water supply to prevent tenant turnovers.

 Follow the Building Codes

Keeping the residents safe is a main priority, so landlords must adhere to the safety codes of the building. You must arrange for a regular property inspection to ensure that all the home systems, from the foundation to the electrical components, are working well. Another thing that landlords must pay attention to is how many residents the rental property can accommodate. If the rental is over-occupied, safety can become an issue.

A thorough property inspection can help reveal existing issues, allowing landlords to take swift action to mitigate serious safety hazards. They must also supply smoke and carbon dioxide detectors to warn the residents of fire danger. With useful equipment and consistent vigilance, residents can make their way to safety and everyone gains peace of mind.

Focus on the Upkeep of the Common Areas 

If you own a multi-unit property, you must ensure that the standards for cleanliness and safety are applied to common areas like entryways and stairwells. Lighting must be functional and the stairs and banisters must be checked regularly for potential hazards. 

a white stairwell with grey flooring

Schedule Property Repairs Immediately

It’s a good practice to be on top of property maintenance. This means that issues are resolved promptly. It’s best to act quickly since this also saves you costs and results in more satisfied residents. Build a network of trusted repair specialists so no matter what property challenges are thrown your way, you’ll be able to resolve the issues and win the respect and loyalty of the residents. 

Assess Your Home Systems

Make sure to check your plumbing, heating, and electrical systems since issues on any of these can make your property uninhabitable for the residents. Coordinate repairs once issues are raised, especially property emergencies. If the residents are in charge of utility bill payments, emphasize that timely payments will help prevent disruption to the water or electrical supply.

Residents of your rental property also have responsibilities in keeping up with the maintenance of the unit. They must be responsible for the following:

Comply with Sanitary Standards 

Though a landlord may distribute enough trash bins, it can still result in pest infestation if the residents don’t discard things in the right containers. What’s more, if tenants to maintain a clean living space this could create another expense for the landlord, requiring them to engage the services of professionals. As such, landlords should detail sanitation policies in their lease agreements.

a person cleaning a table in their house

Get Rid of Any Safety Hazards

Residents must make sure to clear the emergency exits of any blockages, such as boxes or extra furniture. These are crucial access points to safety and they are expected to be available without barriers during a critical situation. 

Adhere to the Building and Housing Codes

Residents of a rental property are expected to follow the lease agreement and the property policies outlined in it. Maintenance tasks must also be performed, such as proper waste disposal to limit pest infestation. Appliances must be used properly to minimize wear and tear. Cleaning should also be performed regularly to keep the property in great condition.

Refrain from Disturbing Potential Lead Paint 

Properties built before 1978 are potentially exposed to lead paint which can be a health hazard. Residents must inform the landlord if they plan to redecorate the property by hanging up picture frames or repainting the unit. These actions can result in lead paint disturbance which poses a health risk to the occupants of the unit.

Bottom Line

Both the property owner and resident have duties in maintaining the rental place. They must regularly perform their responsibilities to keep the state of the property outstanding. A well-kept rental guards the safety of the residents and allows the property owners to save on repair costs. This leads owners to gain good returns from their investment property.

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