Pet Policy

Pet Screening

If you allow pets, we will screen each pet to make sure they are qualified. We will also collect the pet deposit at move-in.

Liability Protection

Our proprietary screening platform adds an extra layer of liability protection by having a standardized process when dealing with household pets and assistance animals.

Animal Accommodation Requests

Our Assistance Animal Review Team is managed by our legal team. We review each and every request for assistance animals to ensure they meet the HUD & FHAct guidelines.

Pet Population Management

Our cloud-based, safe, and secure digital platform provides property managers a dashboard that can be accessed 24/7 to manage their pet and animal population across their entire rental portfolio.

As part of our standard procedure, each applicant is required to review and complete our Pet & Animal Policies. 

Pet & Animal Policies

Restricted Pets List due to Insurance Policy

Any dog with a bite history or aggressive tendencies

Any potentially dangerous animals (horses, farm animals, exotic pets, constrictors, poisonous snakes, etc.)

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