Safely Pay Rent in Cash with an E-Money Order: Stonelink Property Management Service Update

paying rent in cash safely and sescurely

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Did you know there is an easy and secure way to pay rent in cash? Stonelink Property Management has just announced a service offering the ability for residents to pay rent in cash with an e-money order. This convenient payment option is now available to all residents, providing added flexibility when it comes to paying their monthly rent. With this new service, Stonelink provides a secure and reliable way to pay rent in cash.

How Can Residents Pay Rent In Cash With Pay Near Me Service?

Residents no longer need to worry about costly shipping fees or time-consuming trips to the post office in order to pay their rent in cash. Stonelink now offers a new service through AppFolio‘s property management software called PayNearMe, which provides a safe and secure way for residents to pay rent in cash at their local store or other location.

Why Should Landlords Never Accept Cash Rent Payments?

As a landlord, you know you should not accept cash directly from a resident when it comes to collecting rent. This is absolutely correct!

  • Cash payments are difficult to track and document, making them a liability for landlords.
  • There is no way to prove that the resident has paid in full or on time if cash is used.
  • It can also be difficult for landlords to know if the money they are receiving is counterfeit or not.

Pay Near Me – The E-Money Order That Is Fast & Secure

Residents of Stonelink can now pay their rent quickly and securely with the Pay Near Me service. All payments are securely tracked and documented for residents’ peace of mind. Furthermore, it eliminates the risk of fraud when paying rent in cash.

Convenience For Residents

This new payment option provides added convenience for residents. No more trips to the post office or the need to pay expensive overnight shipping fees to send a money order. Residents can easily and securely walk in to pay rent at one of these neighborhoods’ convenient locations. Pay Near Me is available at:

participating locations for paynearme service

Why Use Pay Near Me To Pay Rent in Cash?


Pay Near Me is an Easy Cash Payment method (ECP). ECP is the most reliable and secure cash payment available.


Avoid late fees and expensive overnight shipping fees. Rent is paid instantly.


Go to a local participating location and pay your rent in cash in less than 60 seconds.

How To Use Pay Near Me with Stonelink Property Management?

  • Step 1 – Residents get a payslip from Stonelink Property Management listing their information and rent amount. Each payslip has a unique barcode.
  • Step 2 – Locate a participating location:
  • Step 3 – Bring your payslip and cash payment to a participating location – the clerk scans the code and accepts the cash as rent payment. In exchange, you receive a receipt. A processing fee of $3.99 applies.

A maximum amount of $2000 per transaction at all locations except 7-Eleven only accepts $1500 max. per transaction.

The receipt is proof of payment for your rent. The payment posts instantly on your account.

Additional Resources About Pay Near Me. [Download PDF]


Paying rent in cash just got easier and more secure with Pay Near Me! Stonelink Property Management residents can now avoid costly shipping fees or a trip to the post office by paying their rental payments instantly at any participating location. It’s fast too – As a resident, you’ll be able to complete your rent payment using cash within 60 seconds! Never miss another due date again thanks to this convenient new service.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Stonelink Property Management’s Pay Near Me service works and what benefits it could bring to your rental business, please feel free to contact us today!

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