Maintenance Technician - Paid Internship

Are You Interested In Learning Trade Skills?
We invite all students age 16+ for recruitment appointments to discuss internship and job opportunities with Stonelink Property Management.

We are looking for individuals interested to learn trade skills, with a “can-do attitude” .

Founded in 2016, Stonelink Property has become one of the leading property management companies in the area. We manage over 1700 rental properties in Rhode Island and SE Massachusetts.

Our maintenance technicians work in the field and respond to maintenance requests submitted by tenants living in rental units.

A maintenance technician performs all aspects of property maintenance, including preventative, corrective, deferred, and emergency maintenance.

There is a leak in the apartment, the hot water stopped working, the stove stopped working, the doors need to be replaced or stairs need to be fixed…..these are the type of maintenance requests or work orders forms a maintenance technician will manage and repair.

Field: Property Maintenance / Property Management

Location: 15 Circle St, Rumford RI 02806

As part of your internship, you will be traveling to different areas in RI and SE MA with a skilled maintenance technician, to address maintenance requests at different properties.

What Skills Will You Learn?

Paid Internship and Career Advancement

This is a paid internship. The hourly rate is $14/hour

Hours and Schedule: Minimum 10hrs/week

Hours are flexible based on the individual’s situation

Career Advancement and Tool Buying Incentive

At our company, we believe in career advancement and offer a tool program incentive to help interns and maintenance technicians reach their goals. The program is designed to provide financial assistance for employees who are attending courses or taking certification exams that will help them move up within the company. We believe that this investment in our employees will pay off in the form of a more motivated and qualified workforce.

We also offer a Tool Buying Incentive to help our employees with the costs of acquiring new tools without being a financial burden.

By investing in our company employees, we invest in the future of our company.

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