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Are you a property owner in North Attleboro having a hard time with the daily demands of managing your rental properties? Are you looking for an experienced professional to take over the responsibilities of owning a rental property?

If your answer is yes, Stonelink Property Management is at your service. We’re here to take responsibilities off your place and optimize your return on investment.

Our years of experience and extensive knowledge of the local market make us the preferred choice for property owners in and around North Attleboro. Our proven strategies and commitment to high-quality service have helped us foster strong relationships with our clients and maintain a robust portfolio of managed properties.

Our expertise spans a diverse array of properties. From multi-family dwellings and single-family homes to commercial properties, our team has the proficiency to manage them all with ease and efficiency. 

At Stonelink Property Management, we do more than just manage your properties – we aim to enhance the value of your investments and create a hassle-free experience for you. Let us take the reins of property management and witness the difference we can make.

Our Property Management Services 

Here at Stonelink Property Management, we’re committed to offering you a wide range of services. Let’s take a look at each of our services in detail:

Resident Screening

When it comes to managing your rental properties, the first crucial step is finding reliable residents. At Stonelink Property Management, we want to ensure that your investment is protected by performing comprehensive resident screening. 

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This involves credit checks, employment verifications, criminal background checks, and previous landlord references. By taking this meticulous approach, we reduce the risk of potential property damage, late payments, and troublesome eviction processes. 

Our aim is to provide you with peace of mind knowing that your property is in trustworthy hands. 

Property Marketing

Effective property marketing is a cornerstone of successful property management. Our seasoned marketing team uses a strategic blend of online and offline marketing techniques to maximize your property’s exposure. 

We use high-quality photography, detailed property descriptions, and strategic pricing to appeal to potential residents. Our thorough understanding of local market trends allows us to position your property advantageously, attracting a larger pool of suitable residents and reducing vacancy times. 

Lease Agreements

A well-drafted lease agreement forms the foundation of a positive landlord-resident relationship. Our team of legal experts creates comprehensive leasing agreements that comply with all local and state laws. 

We ensure that each agreement outlines the responsibilities of both parties clearly, including rent details, property rules, and maintenance obligations. This level of detail safeguards your interests and creates a smooth tenancy experience for your residents.

Move-In Inspections

Stonelink Property Management understands the importance of proper documentation when it comes to rental properties. We conduct thorough move-in inspections to record the condition of the property before the resident takes possession. 

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This involves taking detailed photographs and notes of the interior and exterior of the property, providing a clear reference point for comparison at the end of the tenancy. 

Our move-in inspections set the stage for a transparent and fair relationship between the landlord and the resident.

Regular Property Inspections

Beyond the initial move-in inspection, we undertake regular property inspections to ensure the ongoing maintenance of your property. 

Our team checks for any required repairs or potential lease violations, and generally assesses how well the property is being taken care of. These inspections help us catch any issues early, minimizing repair costs and maintaining the value of your property. 

As a client of Stonelink Property Management, you can rest assured knowing that your property is under continuous, careful watch.

Rent Collection with Online Payments

Rent collection can often be a tedious task for property owners. At Stonelink, we streamline this process with our secure online payment system. 

Residents can conveniently pay their rent online, improving on-time payment rates and providing immediate fund transfers. Our sophisticated system records each transaction, providing you with a transparent and accurate financial overview of your property. 

As part of our commitment to making property management stress-free, we handle any late payments or rent arrears, alleviating you of these burdensome tasks.

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Maintenance and Repairs

We understand that timely maintenance and repairs are essential to preserving the value of your property and maintaining resident satisfaction. We coordinate all necessary repairs, from minor fixes to significant maintenance works, using our network of reliable, high-quality local contractors and in-house staff. 

Our team handles the coordination, scheduling, and oversight of all work done, ensuring it meets our high-quality standards and is cost-effective. Our preventative maintenance approach also means we strive to identify and address potential issues before they become expensive problems.

About North Attleboro, Massachusetts

Nestled in the heart of Massachusetts, North Attleboro has a captivating blend of historic charm and modern amenities. Known for its warm, welcoming community, this small town offers an exceptional quality of life that attracts homeowners and renters alike. 


North Attleboro is graced with lush green parks, excellent school systems, and a vibrant downtown filled with unique shops and diverse restaurants. Its strong community spirit, combined with easy access to Boston and Providence, makes it an ideal place for individuals seeking a peaceful suburban lifestyle without sacrificing city conveniences. 

From the stunning beauty of World War I Memorial Park to the historic riches of the Little Red Schoolhouse, North Attleboro offers a taste of New England charm that’s hard to resist. It’s not just a place to live; it’s a place to call home.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Areas We Serve

Stonelink Property Management serves many cities in Rhode Island and Southern Massachusetts, including Kent County, Bristol County, Woonsocket, Warwick, Central Falls, Seekonk, East Providence, Newport, Providence, Pawtucket and Fall River.

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Why Choose Stonelink Property Management

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Quick Leasing

We fill units within 10 days on average with a 98% retention rate.

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Quality Residents

We find high-quality residents using a 10 point screening process.

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Dedicated Maintenance

We have a team of 20 maintenance technicians with a 24/7 on call rotation.

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Always Available

Communication is key. Our team is available to our residents and clients alike.

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Successful Clients

Our model allows clients to improve their ROI and grow their portfolio.

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Lasting Relationships

We build long lasting relationships with clients by earning their trust.

Our Model

Our model is proven, and our people are passionate about what they do.

Our Strategy

All our core services performed by our internal teams and entities. 

Our Guarantees 

9 Exclusive Owner-Client member benefits.

We provide a wide range of property management services, including:

  • Property Marketing
  • Rent collection and deposits
  • 24/7 Maintenance and repairs
  • Resident screening and placement
  • Lease agreements and renewals
  • Evictions

Not all property managers are created equal.

  • Our S.O.P strategy has been proven to turn properties quickly, increase rental income, and decrease vacancy rates.
  • Our vertical integration of services allows us to control costs for property owners
  • Our 24/7 in-house maintenance team ensures that your property is always well-maintained, and residents live in a safe environment.
  • A combination of technology platforms and efficient communication systems increases transparency and allows for better collaboration between owners, residents, and our team.
  • We build long-lasting relationships with our clients and provide them with the peace of mind that their property is well taken care of. 
  • Make sure you have a clear understanding of your goals and objectives for your rental property. This will help us understand if Stonelink is a good fit as your property management company.
  • Keep an open mind! We may have some suggestions that you hadn’t considered before that could be very beneficial for your property.
  • When you choose to hire us, it becomes a partnership. We are here to earn your trust and help you become a successful real estate investor.

If you are looking for a reliable property management in North Attleboro, MA, we can help! 

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