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Our In-House Maintenance Division

Having our own 24/7 maintenance team allows us to provide a higher level of service to our clients and tenants. When maintenance issues arise, our maintenance team can quickly and efficiently resolve the problem, often before it becomes a major issue.  Additionally, having our own maintenance team is a cost-effective solution for our clients, by avoiding the need to outsource maintenance services for most issues.

Maintenance Requests Per Month
Average Star Rating
Average Days To Repair
Hours For Emergency Response

Having our maintenance team in-house has been a key part of our business strategy from the very beginning.

What issues can Stonelink's maintenance technicians handle?

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Light Plumbing

maintaining rental property infrastructure

Light Electrical

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Break-Fix Repairs

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Flooring Installation

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Tile Work

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Cabinet & Countertop Installations/Repairs

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Windows & Door Installations/Repairs

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Exterior Building Repairs on First Floor Units

Turnover Crew

As part of our maintenance team, we also have a turnover crew that takes care of preparing units for new residents.

Benefits of a turnover crew:

  • Faster Rent Ready Properties
  • Minimize Lost Rent
  • Cost Effective to Clients
  • Guaranteed Results
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What if the maintenance technician cannot handle the issue?

Should the work require a different skill set from a licensed contractor, we have a network of reliable, pre-screened, and qualified vendors that we work with.

How Does Stonelink Handle Maintenance Requests?

Our process is designed to be as quick and efficient as possible. When a resident has a maintenance request, they can either submit the request online or call our 24/7 maintenance phone line.

Maintenance Request is created

We contact the resident to gather information

A work order is created online including pictures and full details

A maintenance technician is dispatched.

The problem is solved, and the work order is closed.

We document every step of a maintenance request from start to finish to share with our clients.

After the work order has been closed, we follow up with the resident to make sure they are satisfied with the work that was done.

Our maintenance team is an integral part of our business, and we are dedicated to provide the best possible service to our residents and clients. When you choose Stonelink, you can be confident that our team will handle maintenance in a prompt and professional manner.

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