Blackstone Group Leasing & Management rebrands to Stonelink Property Management

stonelink property management team

Today marks an exciting new chapter in the history of Blackstone Group Leasing & Management as we
announce our new brand: Stonelink Property Management. Our rebrand aims to reflect the growth,
expansion, and evolution that our company has gone through over the past 6 years, allowing us to
expand into different markets and add more services under a new name.

When we started the company back in 2016, we chose the name Blackstone Group Leasing &
Management based on our geographical location (near the Blackstone River Valley) and had good
reason to believe there would be no issues or confusion in the future. We aim to provide leasing and
management services to real estate investors with a focus on Rhode Island.

Over the past 6 years, we’ve worked with hundreds of clients appreciating our investor mindset
property management style and we have onboarded over 1700 rental properties in Rhode Island as well
as SE Massachusetts.

We added an in-house maintenance team and landscaping company as part of our vertical integration
strategy – and we are planning to keep on adding – however due to our rapid growth, we thought that
the name Blackstone Group may become too limiting for us.

To continue adding services and expand in new markets to better serve our clients and residents, we
made a pro-active choice to change the name from Blackstone Group Leasing & Management to
Stonelink Property Management.

Same team. More services. Same dedication & passion for property management.

The word stone was something we wanted in the rebranding. It harkens back to our founding name, but
also is a principal material of strength in the foundation of properties. Something to build on. The word
link for us had a few meanings. First, we want to be one of the “links” in the chain of professionals
made up of real estate agents, brokers, attorneys and others that serve our clients to help them
succeed. Nobody wins alone. And second, we want to “link” our clients to a future of financial freedom
through performance management of their properties.

The transition to Stonelink allows us to go full steam ahead on our vertical integration strategy and
expand in new markets.

  1. Developing our landscaping services
  2. Developing our cleaning team
  3. Adding a plumbing company
  4. Expanding in Massachusetts and Connecticut
  5. Much More

To continue our growth, we are scaling up the team and hiring the best personnel in all departments:
maintenance, plumbing, landscaping and cleaning.

Our maintenance team has over 20 skilled people and we plan on adding more!! We doubled the size in
the past 6 months!

This vertical integration strategy allows us to achieve 3 goals:

  1. Quality Control
  2. Cost Savings
  3. Fast Response


The future is bright. 2022 was great but 2023 will be more added value and even better service to clients
and residents.

We thank you for your support and look forward to serving you, existing clients, future clients and
residents under Stonelink Property Management

Justin Mann

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